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Georgetown, A Quick History -- Surnames

Georgetown, A Quick History, by Kenneth Jessen.

Mentions (in index) individuals with the following last names:
Anderson, Ashby, Baehler, Baily, Bainbridge, Barton, Berthoud, Bishop, Blaine, Blickensderfer, Bolander, Bowman, Bross, Burr, Byers, Carns, Chaffee, Chivington, Collins, Cook, Cushman, Desmond, Devotie, Dibben, Dupuy, Dyo (see Estes) Ennis, Estes, Fish, Gally, Gerarad, Gibbs, Gould,Greer, Gregory, Griffith, Hammill, Hill, Jackson, Jacobs, Jamaschek, Kearney, Kneisel, Lamm, Leyendecker, Martin, McClellan, McCunniff, Neely, Pitkin, Pollock, Pope, Randall, Roeschlaub, Rogers, Russell, Schauer, Schmale, Snider, Stowell, Streeter, Teller, Thedie, Washburn, Watson, Wolcott, Wood

Contact: Don Stanwyck to find out what the book says about any of these people. If you can, find a copy and read it for yourself. That way you will get the surrounding history as well!

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