Johnstone and McBoyle newspaper excerpts

Christine Boyd wrote:

Some of my ancestors lived in Black Hawk in the late 1800s. I went to do some research in Black Hawk one time and received a couple of newspaper clippings (unfortunately, I don't know the name of the newspaper they appeared in) mentioning them and some others. My ancestors mentioned, were the Johnstones and Amy McBoyle.

DateClipping content
4/22/1881 Miss Mattie Johnstone of the Black Hawk School had been presented with a handsome easter egg, by Miss Inez Woodruff, one of her pupils. The egg was colored red and had the receiver's name written in gold, the engraving being done by Mr. Woodruff, the painter.
12/31/1881 Tuesday evening Miss Mattie Johnstone gave a concert at the M.E. church for the benefit of the Christmas tree.
3/21/1883 A farewell party was given Miss Mattie Johnstone, of Black Hawk, on Wednesday evening, prior to her departure for Illinois, and those present were Miss Amy McBoyle, Miss Emma Shaw, Miss Bell Fraser, Carrie Tolles, Lizzie Fraser, May Jackson, Mrs. Wolly, May Johnstone, R.H. Hazard, W.S. Shaw, Mr. Chandler, W.H.N. Stiles, B.H. Koch, Philip Koch, Perry Barnes, S.L. Alexander, E.E. Alexander, Charles Armstrong, Evan Morgan, C.C. Rudolph and Frank Jones.
5/24/1884 County superintendent, H.M. Hale held quarterly examinations on Friday, and those who received certificates were Marcie Taft, Carrie Cheatley, Frankie Strock, Ella Queen, Maggie Burns, Ella Dillon and Katie McLeod.
1/22/1887 Four hundred and fifteen pupils were in attendance at the public schools in this city during the week, 56 being in H.M. Hale's room; 50 in Mary S. Nelson's; 58 in Kate McLeod's; 46 under Amy McBoyle; Jenie Campbell, 49; Cora Cowperwaite, 60; Maggie Burns, 48; Jennie Aitchenson, 48.
6/3/1887 Professor H.M. Hale, the new president of the State University, will take up his residence in Boulder in July, his term of office beginning that month.
6/24/1887 Monday afternoon, at the close of the spring and summer term of the public schools, Professor H.M. Hale was presented by the scholars of his department and the teachers of the Central schools with a black ebony gold headed cane, as a mark of esteem in which he is held by the pupils and teachers. The professor had been connected with the Central City schools since 1868, nineteen years, and will carry with him to his new home in Boulder, the wish of the entire community for a successful career as president of the state university.