The History of the Town of
Hingham, Massachusetts: The Genealogies
by George Lincoln

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The History of the Town of Hingham Massachusetts, The Genealogies

written by George Lincoln, originally published 1893. The New England History Press republished the material in 1982 and again in 1987. The book, while published without a copyright, should be ordered from your local bookstore if the information here is of interest to you. Ordering information:

The History of the Town of Hingham Massachusetts, The Genealogies
Author: George Lincoln
Pub: New England History Press
Somersworth, New Hampshire 03878
ISBN: 0-89725-029-X
Library of Congess Number: 82-80017

The information presented here maintains the spellings and abbreviations of the original material. Mentions of other names that exist in the book have been converted to hyperlinks. No new text has been inserted in this process. While many of the links will be to not-yet-existent pages, it is hoped that this enhances rather than detracts from the material. After enough time (years?), all the links should be valid.
Abbreviations used in the book:
Scit.ScituateSec.pre.Second precinctsev.several

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