LINCOLN (Samuel)

This information is extracted from the book The History of the Town of Hingham Massachusetts, The Genealogies written by George Lincoln, originally published 1893. See the introduction to this site.

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LINCOLN - Introduction
This surname, variously written Linkhorn, Linklon, Loncon, etc., upon early documents, was a common one in Hingham, Norfolk County, England, for more that a century before our ancestors first came to New England; and the same names which occur here appear quite frequently among the baptisms registered upon the records of St. Andrew's Church in old Hingham. There can scarcely be a doubt, therefore, but that the surname Lincoln originated in Norfolk County, England; while it is more than probable, judging from a recent examination of St. Andrew's Church records, that the place of their abode prior to the seventeenth century, with perhaps one exception, was at old Hingham. Among the earlier settlers of our Hing. were eight persons (males) of mature age bearing this surname, of whom mention is made upon the records of the town. These were, Daniel Lincoln the husbandman, who died unm. 3 Apr. 1644, and his brothers Samuel Lincoln, and Thomas Lincoln the weaver; Daniel Lincoln, kn. as "the young man," and as "Sergeant" and "boatman;" Stephen Lincoln, and his bro. Thomas Lincoln the husbandman; Thomas Lincoln the cooper; and Thomas Lincoln the miller.

Thus were the four Thomases, distinguished from each other by their occupations, as cooper, husbandman, miller, and weaver; two Daniels; Samuel, and Stephen. Brief notices of these (with the exception of Daniel, who d. unm. in 1644) and of their descendants who lived in Hingham are given on the succeeding pages.

The LINCOLN (Samuel) Genealogies

1. Samuel, according to Cushing's MS., "came from Hingham, Eng., and settled in New Hingham, 1637, living some time at Salem." Another early reference to him is found on a list of passengers refistered to pass from Great Britain to New England to inhabit in 1637, at which time the age of "Samuel Lincorne" was given at 18 yrs. This undoubtedly refers to the Samuel who settled in Hing., as the name is not found in any other locality at that early date. Samuel had two bro's also, who were early residents of Hing., viz.: Daniel Lincoln the husbandman, and Thomas Lincoln the weaver. Daniel d. here is 1644, leaving a considerable property to his bro. Samuel. Thomas d. in 1675, and altho' twice m. left no ch. He also left some of his est. to his bro. Samuel, but a larger portion to Samuel's ch. In 1649 Samuel purchased of Cornelius Cantlebury the estates now owned by Mrs. George M. Soule, and heirs of Asa Lincoln, deceased, on North St., near the present Hing. Station of the South Shore Railroad. The lot contained five acres, and is the same which was granted by the town in 1635 to Wm. Arnall. One branch of Samuel's descendants still occupies a part of the original homestead. The chris. name of his w. was Martha. She d. in Hing. 10 Apr. 1693. He d. 26 May, 1690, æt. 71 yrs. "Weaver," and kn. also as "mariner." His descendants are numerous and widely scattered. Many of them have occupied distinguished positions in public and private life. Very few of this stock, however, who bear the surname, reside in Hing. at the present time.

Ch. of Samuel and Martha, all b. or bt. in Hing., were --

 2.   i. Samuel, Aug. 25, 1650.
 3.  ii. Daniel, Jan. 2, 1652-53.
    iii. Mordecai, June 19, 1655, d. 9 July foll.
 4.  iv. Mordecai, June 14, 1657.
      v. Thomas, Sept. 8, 1659, d. 13 Nov. 1661.
     vi. Mary, March 17, 1662.  m. Jan. 3, 1683-84, Joseph Bate.
 5. vii. Thomas, Aug. 20, 1664.
   viii. Martha, Feb. 11, 1666-67, d. unm. 12 Feb. 1740-41, æt. 74 yrs.
     ix. Sarah, Aug. 13, 1669, d. 30th of same month.
      x. Sarah, June 17, 1671, d. unm. 28 Nov. 1743, æt. 72 yrs.
     xi. Rebecca, March 11, 1673-74.  m. (1) May 14, 1695, John Clark of Ply.,
           and (2) June 24, 1725, Israel Nichols, widr.

2. Samuel (Samuel1),
3. Daniel (Samuel1),
4. Mordecai (Samuel1),
5. Thomas (Samuel1),
6. Samuel (Samuel2 Samuel1),
7. Jedediah (Samuel2 Samuel1),
8. Elisha (Samuel2 Samuel1),
9. Obadiah (Daniel2 Samuel1),
10. Hezekiah (Daniel2 Samuel1),
11. Isaac (Mordecai2 Samuel#1),
12. Jacob (Mordecai2 Samuel#1),
13. Samuel (Samuel3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
14. Jonathan (Samuel3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
15. John (Samuel3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
16. Jedediah (Jedediah3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
17. Enoch (Jedediah3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
18. William (Jedediah3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
19. Ezekiel (Elisha3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
20. Thomas (Obediah3 Daniel2 Samuel1),
21. Francis (Hezekiah3 Daniel2 Samuel1),
22. Isaac (Isaac3 Mordecai2 Samuel1),
23. Mordecai (Isaac3 Mordecai2 Samuel1),
24. Obadiah (Jacob3 Mordecai2 Samuel1),
25. Seth (Samuel4 Samuel3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
26. Samuel (Samuel4 Samuel3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
27. Jonathan (Jonathan4 Samuel3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
28. Frederick (Jonathan4 Samuel3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
29. Royal (Jonathan4 Samuel3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
30. Beza (Jonathan4 Samuel3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
31. Ezekiel (Jonathan4 Samuel3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
32. John (Jonathan4 Samuel3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
33. Charles (Jonathan4 Samuel3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
34. John B. (John4 Samuel3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
35. Ezra (Enoch4 Jedediah3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
36. Solomon (William4 Jedediah3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
37. Asa (Jonathan5 Jonathan4 Samuel3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
38. Gorham (Jonathan5 Jonathan4 Samuel3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
39. Jairus B. (Frederick5 Jonathan4 Samuel3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
40. Rufus W. (Beza5Jonathan4 Samuel3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
41. Ezekial (Ezekiel5Jonathan4 Samuel3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
42. John (John B.5 John4 Samuel3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
43. Samuel (John B.5 John4 Samuel3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
44. William O. (Solomon5 William4 Jedediah3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
45. Solomon (Solomon5 William4 Jedediah3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
46. William O. (William O.6 Solomon5 William4 Jedediah3 Samuel2 Samuel1),
47. Francis M. (Francis M.7 Jerome6 Jerome5 Francis4 Hezekiah3 Daniel2 Samuel1),
End of the SAMUEL LINCOLN genealogies