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Official records

Gilpin County Clerk and Recorder
Jessica Lovingier
PO Box 429
Central City, CO 80427
TEL: (303) 582-5321
Gilpin County Assessor
Anne Schafer
PO Box 338
Central City, CO 80427
TEL: (303) 582-5451
Birth and death records are generally recorded only by the state. Local patented mining claims, real estate transfers, and legal documents related to the operation of the county are recorded with the county.

Historical Societies

These societies are not affiliated with the USGenWeb/CoGenWeb project.
Gilpin County Historical Society
Attn: Jim Prochaska
P. O. Box 247
Central City, CO 80427
Tel/Fax:(303) 582-5283

Research charges: $20/hr, minimum 1 hour. Copies $.25 per copy in addition to the time charge. The society maintains a photograph collection of about 500 photographs, has a newspaper collection of originals and microfiche back through the 1860s. Membership costs: individual $15/yr, family $25/yr. Membership includes one hour of research, a quarterly newsletter, and free admission to the museums.

Foothills Genealogical Society
P. O. Box 150382
Lakewood, CO 80215-0382

The Foothills Genealogical Society of Colorado, Inc. has been publishing original records for Gilpin, Clear Creek, Jefferson and Park counties, both as stand-alone publications and in its quarterly publication, the Inquirer, since its organization in 1980. Some material FGS has published does not exist elsewhere. The Colorado Genealogical Chronicles Series is up to volume XXXII; the Colorado Collections Series up to volume XI. Additionally, FGS has indexed 36 publications for which no indexes previously existed.

Foothills has a "Genealogist" on its Executive Board, whose responsibility it is to respond to queries regarding family history research in the 4-county area FGS serves. A small fee of $10.00 is charged to cover the cost of copying and postage. (These fees go as donations to the library fund for the Jefferson County Public Library and are tax deductible.)

FGS maintains an office in the Jefferson County Public Library (Lakewood Public Library) at 20th and Miller Streets in Lakewood and are wholly responsible for the genealogy collection shelved in that library - books, periodicals, microfilm/microfiche, and CD-rom, with associated software. Phone number (303) 232-1483 ext: 2306, web page: www.foothillsgenealogy.org, e-mail address foothills@jefferson.lib.co.us.

The following documents are available for research at the Gilpin County Historical Society or for purchase from Foothills Genealogical Society:
  1. Bald Mountain Cemetery, History, Records and Inscriptions;
  2. Re-Built Central City, Daily Central City Register history of Central City in 1874 & 1875;
  3. Index to Marriages and Obituaries Recorded or Reported in Gilpin County 1860 - 1880;
  4. Index to Gilpin County 1860 US Census;
  5. Index to Gilpin County 1870 US Census;
  6. Several volumes of US Post Office Central City, CO Money Order records 1863 - 1913.

Local Libraries

Gilpin County Library
Tel/Fax: (303) 582-5777
Hours: Tuesday, Thursday 9a-8p; Wednesday, Friday 9a-6p; Saturday 9a-4p; Closed Sunday, Monday.

Books that can be searched

If you have any books that you'd be willing to list here and search for others, please send us the information about the book - similar to what's here.

Other documents

The 1870 Mortality index for Clear Creek and Gilpin Counties is here (thanks to Diane White).

Photos from a graveyard above Central City can be viewed at http://www.agvdesign.com/miranda/cocem.html.

A letter, on official County letterhead sent in 1909 from Theovald Crook, Chairman, Board of Commissioners, to his sister in Denmark. (Not in English.)

A set of newspaper clippings (donated by Christine Boyd) related to Blackhawk residents Johnstones and a Miss Amy McBoyle are found here. The surnames mentioned in the clippings include: Aitchenson, Alexander, Armstrong, Barnes, Burns, Campbell, Chandler, Cheatley, Cowperwaite, Dillon, Fraser, Hale, Hazard, Jackson, Johnstone, Jones, Koch, McBoyle, McLeod, Morgan, Nelson, Queen, Rudolph, Shaw, Stiles, Strock, Taft, Tolles, Wolly, and Woodruff.

List of graduates from Gilpin County High School provided by Tony Fisher, grandson of Zelda Mills, with his comments:

Gilpin County High School - Graduating Class of June 2, 1932
Albertine Yvonne Anderson
Anna Eulah Sterling
Gwenllean Rose Belcher
Earl E. McLaughlin
Billy L. Manuel
Frances Beulah Sterling
Virginia Geneva Zanconella (my great aunt Virgie, married to William Wallace McNeill aka Uncle Chub)
Sidney T. Joyce
Donald L. Hancock
Zelda Ermine Mills (my grandmother, married to Charles Mills McNeill)
Loretha Martin Mills (my grandmother's sister)

Class Motto: Today we follow, tommorow we lead.

Here are indexes to 4 Gilpin County cemeteries. Thelma Kincheloe of Thornton, Colorado, has donated to our pages copies of her transcriptions of the stones in 4 Gilpin County cemeteries.

  • Bald Mountain Cemetery (Central City)
  • Dory Cemetery (Black Hawk)
  • Mason's Cemetery (Central City)
  • Rocky Mountain I.O.O.F. Cemetery (Russell Gulch)

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    . Cemetery (Russell Gulch)

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